Let Your Property

Preparing for Letting

We'll always send most experienced and professional representatives to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your property. They shall unravel all relevant issues and engage in a detailed discussion with you. It's your opportunity to ask questions and express concerns. 

This service comes to you free of charge.


As part of our overall service, we'll define an inventory, complete with a Schedule of Condition. Every piece of furniture and interior decor shall be documented with absolute precision. Rest easy, we hold tenants accountable who alter or damage the chattels and fixates in the inventory.

The tenancy agreement

We'll draft the tenancy agreement, ensuring it is the most legally up-to-date and binding agreement. Our default agreement is the Assured Shorthold tenancy (AST). This provides you as the landlord power to reclaim the property once the term reaches its conclusion. Within this document, we outline the realms of responsibility between you, your tenant, and ourselves as your agents. It clarifies what can and cannot be done to the property, who shall bear the burden of repairs and damages, and who shall face utility charges and other ongoing costs. As your advisors, we shall handle the preparation of various Housing Act notices

Tenant finding and referencing

We shall embark on a marketing campaign to showcase your property to all worthy contenders. Our expertise in referencing is unparalleled (we summon the powers of an independent professional referencing company). We delve into the depths of employment, financial, and previous landlord information, leaving no stone unturned.

Property Management

Depending on your chosen service, we shall conduct regular inspections of your property, keeping a watchful eye throughout the term of the tenancy. Our reports are written with precision. We have learned that tenants who know they're under our watchful gaze tend to maintain a higher standard of care. With Castle Estates your property shall be in safe hands.


Repairs are an inevitable part of any landlord's journey. We shall discuss major repairs with you, seeking your approval. Our trusted network of trades and craftsmen will provide estimates. We shall oversee the repairs, reporting back to you as needed. In times of emergency, such as a burst pipe or a gas leak, we shall ensure all parties fulfil their legal obligations, minimising further damage and protecting the tenants' safety. We are level-headed and can guide you through any crisis.

The Garden

Before your tenants start living in your property, we will ensure that the garden will be in good shape. We can enlist a gardening contractor on your behalf to handle any necessary tasks. As for the garden's ongoing maintenance, the tenants shall bear the responsibility. To aid them, you must equip them with relevant gardening tools and a mower, all of which shall be duly recorded in the inventory. If you prefer, we can summon a skilled gardener to tend to the land regularly during their tenancy, and this undertaking shall be reflected in the rental charges.

Shielding Against Damage

Before living in the property, tenants present a deposit equal to five weeks' rent. When the time comes for them to depart, we shall assess any redecoration or minor repairs that venture beyond the realm of fair wear and tear, and compare them against the original inventory. We shall convene with the tenant and yourself, to determine the amount that shall be withheld. We shall summon estimates to validate our decision, and the remaining net deposit shall typically be returned to the tenant.

Guardians of Gas Safety

An annual Gas Safety Certificate must be obtained from a Gas Safe engineer. The engineer will scrutinise the gas supply, the gas boiler, and all gas appliances. Should they uncover any faults, rest-assured that remedial work shall be quoted for and instigated.

Without a Gas Safety certificate, we cannot permit a tenant to live in the property.

Electrical Safety

Every rental property must possess electrical installation of the highest order, accompanied by a compliance check known as an EICR. These checks must be performed every decade. Without an EICR, we cannot allow tenants access to the property.

Smoke Detectors

On every floor, no less than two working smoke detectors must be installed.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Any priority with a gas appliance must be equipped with a Carbon Monoxide detector.


We ask all landlords to fortify themselves with comprehensive landlords' insurance, to include rent protection.

Property Management Services:

We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke suite of services designed to meet the specific requirements of each landlord. From comprehensive tenant screening to property maintenance, we tailor our solutions to match your property's individual characteristics and your expectations.

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